Stupid Labels

Posted on May 7, 2009. Filed under: hodgepodge |

Nearly a year ago, I wrote about the importance of reading labels. Clearly, this is a very good idea. It’s necessary to provide people with as much information as is practical. But, instead of focusing on helpful things like where our food is sourced, companies tend to use labels either as marketing tools or as a place for useless information.

Fat free water?! Really. Well, thank you Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for inventing that. Oh…water is naturally fat free? Is that because it’s…WATER?! I’m not sure what the point of this is. Does anyone not think that water is fat free? Although, maybe some fat in water wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Bacon fat infused spring water, anyone? Now that’s a label I’d like to see!

Here’s a baffling example of protections applied in the wrong place. Indeed, it is very important for people with wheat sensitivities to know if there is wheat in what they’re eating. However, is is really necessary to hit people on the head with it? If the ingredients of something are wheat & water, I bet anyone who takes the time to monitor their wheat intake every day could probably detect that there is, indeed, wheat in this matzo. Perhaps, instead, they could let us know where that wheat came from…

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