Tuesday Special: One for the Dogs

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The Farmer’s Thighs

I went to the farmers’ market the other day, planning on picking up a little bit of food for the kitchen.  Well, after seeing the beautiful free range chickens on of the vendors had, plans changed a little bit.  No longer was I just going to cook dinner for myself- my little Lucy would get a meal out of it, too! 

Buying a whole chicken is a great way to cut down on cost.  The breasts were $7.99/lb, the thighs alone $6.99/lb.  For the whole chicken?  $2.49/lb.  What a deal!

 The breast and leg would be for me, the bones would be frozen for later stock making, but the thighs- the thighs would become a special meal for Lucy.

In addition to two chicken thighs, I used:

One Carrot: Provides vitamin A and fiber, carrots are great for vision

1/2 Apple:  Lucy’s favorite fruit.  A sweet treat!

1/8 Cup Italian Parsley: Fantastic for sweet breath.

1/8 Cup Olive Oil: For a shiny coat.

One Clove Garlic: This is a little controversial.  Garlic, in large quantities, is toxic to dogs.  However, in small quantities, it is a natural flea/tick repellent, and boosts the immune system.  If you feel funny about adding it, don’t!  Consult your vet if you have any questions about garlic.

I cut the carrot, apple, and chicken into half-inch cubes, and chopping the garlic and parsley.  I added the carrot and garlic to one cup of water, already boiling in a small pot.  After 15 minutes, I added the chicken and apple, then cooked for an additional 5 minutes.  After removing from heat, I stirred in the olive oil and parsley.  Much to Lucy’s chagrin, she had to wait a few minutes for everything to cool.

The recipe can be multiplied as much as you want, and is great to freeze.

Here’s a time saving tip:  Cut the carrots and garlic first, while they are cooking, prep the rest of the ingredients!

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